Saturday, 12 December 2015

Masked Monoprints

I've made a lot of progress with these. After my last post I lost direction with this as I just wasn't improving. I did a lot of research but got nowhere. There does not seem to be an enormous amount of information around about monoprinting, maybe I'm using the wrong search terms. I drew some value studies of coral and made these masks. The first prints are on cartridge paper. The colour scheme was inspired by Matisse Beats of the Sea.

I cut 4 masks for this. I cut a separate mask for each coloured piece of coral, then a new mask for the negative print which was the shape of all 3 pieces of coral.

Same idea with texture added. The trouble with bubble wrap is that it will always be bubble wrap no matter how you use it.

 I discovered the OCA printmaking Facebook group. This has been a complete eye opener for me. I quickly discovered ideas that have transformed my work. The most significant of these would be Japanese paper. I was very fortunate that I could get my hands on some of this easily, which is not always the case here in Saudi.

These prints are so much clearer. This is the discarded positive mask from the print above used in a new way.

 Can you spot the bubble wrap?

The Japanese paper really takes the ink well, maybe a bit too well as you can see the marks from the brayer in this print. I'm going to get some softer brayers to try this negative print again.  I'm really pleased with these, I feel like I'm back on track again with lots of new ideas I'm working on.

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