Monday, 4 January 2016

Painted Prints and Gelli Plate Experiments

As I've been reviewing my work to wrap up assignment 1 of introduction to printmaking I decided I needed to add a bit more to the painted prints tasks and try combining this technique with masks.
In this print I used water based printing inks and took the print in two layers. This was a happy accident really, the first layer was quite unimpressive so I just decided to add another layer. I didn't try multiple layers with my first painted prints so I was really pleased with this, I think it has depth and that I've used value effectively.

Inspired by this I had another go with more layers but this was less effective. I tried to add some texture into this one which could be effective but I think I just got a bit carried away and it lacks clarity. The final layer contained some white ink which was too thick and has made some big splodges which was not the effect I was hoping for.

In this print I used the same techniques as before, this was also a bit overdone with too many layers, I then added a background using a mask. I did the masked background in two layers to create some depth. I really like how this has created contrast. The biggest problem with these prints is that they took forever to dry. Printing ink, even water based, is not intended to be used this thickly. I should have let the ink dry between layers.

I am now the proud owner of a gelli plate. I used it for some texture experiments which I wrote about in my last post. I wanted to try some more painted prints in combinations with masks. I thought this was a good use of the gelli plate with acrylics, as the paint would be easier to work with, and I would get a good transfer of detail from the gelli plate.

These 4 prints are all based on a photo taken in Petra, Jordan, from inside a cave looking out onto the dusty landscape. I was not able to paint in half as much detail as I imagined so these were not effective. I think a more gestural style of painting would be more effective. It is very different working in acrylics.

These are quick gestural painted prints in acrylic. This is a much better use of this medium. I got good clear brush strokes in these prints

This is the ghost prints from both of the above prints layered into one print. I added some extra dark at the bottom as the two plants did not line up so the back print was higher making it look like it was floating.

I used a sparkly whites acrylic with blue to create this background and then pressed leaves into it to create a background. I love the shiny white paint, it created a great background. I then did another painted print over the top.

This was the ghost prints from the two layers. I prefer this, it is more subtle and delicate. The gelli plate is a total game changer for monoprinting. I already found this quite a broad assignment so this opens up even more possibilities. I think this print really shows a more fluid style of working which I enjoyed, but it is also harder to control.

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