Friday, 28 October 2016

Reflection on feedback from assignment 3

It has taken me a while to move forwards after my feedback from assignment 3 of Introduction to Printmaking. While my tutor was positive about my prints, I did not provide enough supporting work, particularly in the sketch book. When I packed up the assignment I realized how little I had done, and knew it would not be a strong area, but realizing just how lacking I am in this area was a wake up call. It really made me question whether I could realistically complete the course at all, let alone go on to complete level 1 in 4 years alongside my teaching job and young family. I had wanted to complete the course at the end of this year but now realize it will probable be a while longer than this.  Before I received the feedback I was eagerly getting into the next piece of work, and made lots of test collagraph blocks, but 4 weeks later I haven't printed any of them. This is because I realized with all my work in assignment 3 I had the outcome in mind before I had started any exploration. I decided that I needed to forget about deadlines and outcomes and just draw and play for a while. If I print those test blocks I will start thinking in terms of final prints and won't be genuinely, openly exploring.

My tutor was very supportive when I emailed her asking for more guidance and has suggested using collage for more exploration. This is a technique I enjoy hugely and started to explore with assignment 2 so I look forward to using it more in my sketch book.

I have also signed up to an online sketchbook course with access art:

I've started some of the exercises and also looked at some drawing prompts on their website that were very useful.

I did start some collagraph research but am trying not to think about print outcomes so have put that on hold for now.

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