Monday, 30 May 2016

Assignment 2 Submission and Reflection

I've packed off my work for assignment 2:

Below I will reflect on each assignment.

Task 1 (Project 5) Test Cut Lino Prints

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills
For this task I believe I demonstrated good technical and visual skills as I produced a range of clear prints with a variety of marks.
Materials - I explored a good range of lino blocks, techniques - I successfully burnished the paper on top of the block and tried stamping, observational skills - n/a, visual awareness - I cut up my block and tried new layouts of marks extending my design and compositional skills.
  • Quality of Outcome
For this criterion my strongest area was application of knowledge, and presentation of work in a coherent manner.
  • Demonstration of Creativity
By cutting up my blocks and exploring stamping with them I believe I demonstrated good creativity, imagination, experimentation, and invention.
  • Context

Task 2 (Project 6) Single Colour Linocut

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills
By persevering with the cutting on this block I showed good technical skill in creating a print which represented a clear form with appropriate shadows.
Materials -  I explored a range of papers with good results. 
Techniques - I showed good cutting skill in this detailed design. 
Observational skills - persevering to maintain the form of the object showed good observational skill and visual awareness. 
Design and compositional skills were less successful, I wanted to explore tonal counterpoint but did not achieve this. The composition was not very exciting.
  • Quality of Outcome
The prints were clear with a variety of marks.
The application of knowledge, and presentation of work in a coherent manner was strong, with clear progression in my sketchbook. My conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas was less strong as my original idea of exploring tonal counterpoint was not successful.
  • Demonstration of Creativity
The subject could have been more adventurous. I focused on exploring the medium from a more technical point of view, shadows, contours and marks, therefore this was not so successful in terms of imagination, experimentation, invention, or development of a personal voice,
  • Context
I did some good research into potential themes for this project, however, this was not carried into this or my other single linocuts. I need to apply these ideas to my design more next time, including doing more of this research right at the beginning of the assignment.

Task 3 (Project 7) Multi-block Print

  • Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills
 My cutting technique was good, I got clear marks including the perspective on the buildings, the registration was less successful.t I showed strong observational skills and visual awareness, through the use of perspective and devloped my design through several stages showing strong design and compositional skills.
  • Quality of Outcome
The registration could be improved, demonstrating better understanding of the assignment content, and application of knowledge. I presented my work in a coherent manner, with clear development of my idea recorded in my sketchbook and blog, demonstrating discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, and communication of ideas.
  • Demonstration of Creativity
This design was well developed, with substantial variations explored before finalising. I think this paid off in the finished composition which I think was well balanced. Through the range of variations in design layouts I produced I think I demonstrated imagination, experimentation, invention. I am yet to develop a personal voice.
  • Context
In this print I made good connections to the artist Mark Hearld and explored some of his compositional strategies.


In this assignment I have improved my practice significantly by using a sketch book more systematically. I have enjoyed the more detailed exploratory drawing and exploring ideas more deeply. I have started to develop some ideas which can be broader themes for future projects.

Areas to be Developed

 I still have some organisation problems. I did not use my sketchbook pages in order. I wanted to save pages so I could keep all the pages of an idea together which was not successful. I ended up with random gaps and ideas out of sequence. Next time I need to either just use pages in order come what may or find a way of using a sketch book where I can reorganise pages later if necessary. I will ask my tutor for advice on this. I also need to do more research earlier on in the assignment so I can make better connections to it in my artwork.

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