Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Reflection on Feedback from Assignment 2

My feedback was extremely positive and I am delighted. Included in this was the encouraging statement:

'From the work you have shown in this assignment, providing you commit yourself to the course, I believe you have the potential to succeed at assessment.' 

This is very exciting, I am really getting into the course now and have so many ideas.

The strongest area was my shell print and the more detailed preparation I did for this.

My tutor reassured me that there is great value in a simple subject like this when explored thoroughly. In my next assignment I will choose another simple subject and explore it in detail for my reduction print. In particular my tutor recommended drawing from lots of different angles to really understand the form of the object. Showing the form was challenging in this print so this will be an area I will focus on.

I was pleasantly surprised that my tutor liked these early experimental prints and thought I should develop them more.

I almost didn't include them, I thought stamping was not 'proper' technique! This may be an idea I will explore more in my experimental print. I will try mounting the blocks so they are easier to handle and get a better impression. She encouraged me to do this with more transparent ink, as even if I do not use this idea for my experimental print it will be a good practice of layering colour.

For the remainder of the assignment Most of the feedback was positive, apart from some organisational issues which I knew I still had. I will be taking the following points forward into the next assignment:

  • Complete lots of observational drawing on a range of subjects
  • Keep a separate part of my sketchbook for drawing and designing
  • Create designs in the same scale and format as the block to be used
  • Use small stamps to practice colour schemes and layering with colour
  • Develop the ideas researched in this post about artist's using text and calligraphy in their work
  • Use the whole surface of the block in my next multi coloured print

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