Sunday, 18 September 2016

Dab Printing

The last little piece for this  assignment is trying dab printing. I used a block from assignment 2 of palm trees. This block has some large uncut areas giving me a good surface to try dab printing on. Rather than make my own dabber I used a ready made one

It was hard to get a thick enough layer of ink, these prints took a lot of burnishing.

This first print lost some of its distinction between the colors. When trying to build up the ink to a thick enough layer the colors blended more than I wanted, but this is still an interesting texture.

I tried to get better distinction between the colors on this one. In doing so the edges of the tool remained visible, the circles can be seen. This was also a bit patchy as it was hard to build up a thick layer of ink without blending the colors.

Next time I try this I will try using a different dabber. I think if I made one out of cloth full of cotton wool it would not have the hard edges and would possibly absorb more ink.

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