Saturday, 17 September 2016

Experimental Prints

I've done a lot of experimenting for this assignment, the last round of collaged and layered prints are here. Briefly, I used two blocks, one based on my initials in a Roman alphabet and one based on my name in Arabic, and layered these over each other, distorting and abstracting them, representing my life here in Saudi Arabia.

My previous attempts at layering these were done while on holiday so I did not have access to my usual equipment and I tried using packaging papers. This time I had my whole stash of paper to play with and immediately got better results. 

This print uses hosho paper, mulberry silk paper and caligo safe wash relief inks. I printed the Arabic block onto the silk paper, tore it, collaged it then printed a very sheer layer over the top. I'm really pleased how these textures worked together and the depth I have created. I have submitted this to be included in a Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge and it has been selected and may appear in a future issue, very exciting! However, this means this print won't be part of my submission for this assignment.

Details of textures.

The next piece was my most successful. It is on a large piece of textured high rag content paper from Thailand, with the same caligo inks and mulberry silk paper. This time I used very pale translucent silk paper to create delicate sheer layers. I did not tear these this time. As I had strong rectangle shapes from my block of my initials I felt the rectangles of the paper would complement these. I added a final layer of translucent blocks as before which was again very effective. To place the blocks I put them on top of the paper then very carefully lifted both and turned them over before burnishing. I was skeptical this would work but found the oil based ink created a good connection between the block and the paper enabling me to turn them over without any smudging. I really enjoyed this process of building up an image in this way. I will create other works like this but need to explore some better adhesives for adhering the sheer papers.

Detail shots:

 The final prints I made for this assignment used the same blocks but were registered on my jig, varying layers were created by rotating the blocks.

I then added additional layers with the blocks turned 90 degrees.

I'm really pleased with the composition of these. However, if i had time I would redo them with more interesting colors. I wanted to try layering light over dark with these but I think these could have been more interesting if I had used shades of two more different colors such as two primaries, and made the colors more translucent.

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