Tuesday, 21 March 2017

lino block designs

 I am continuing to work on assignment 5, lino and mono print combinations. This was my source image. I used this as inspiration to some degree for all of my mono prints of water.

I then turned my attention to the tree in the foreground for the lino block. I drew a range of studies of it, the best two are below. The black drawing was really a value study, the color painting was trying to be a freer expression of the flowing lines of the branches.

I developed these into two designs. The design on the left is quite stylized but I think it will translate well into lino.

I experimented with chopping these up and collaging them

I don't know about these, I may come back to them, at the moment I prefer the original idea. I will develop this design more with chine colle so may come back to these then. I traced it onto acetate and laid it over my prints to try it out.

I was worried the design was too stylized and would not fit with my mono prints but I am happy these will work together after looking at these images. The mono prints are loose enough not to compete with the style of the tree.

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