Thursday, 9 March 2017

Research Into Representations of Water

After visiting the RUA exhibition and seeing lots of interesting paintings of the sea I did some more research into how other artist's have represented water.

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Moonlight over the Sea


I really like these simple lines and washes, the reflections of the moon light is the most representational aspect and it clearly orients the image as being on the water with just a few simple lines. I could try this in print with white marks as back drawing or a second layer? Or try white neocolour crayon 2nd layer?

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Study of Sea and Sky


This is a print developed from one of his drawings. I could try this in a reductive one color print using rags and cotton buds.

Victor Pasmore

Spiral Motif in Green, Violet, Blue and Gold: The Coast of the Inland Sea


The texture of this image is completely different, capturing the movement of the sea rather than the direct representation of it visually.
I could try something similar using a variety of techniques such as reductive lines to make spirals or any motif abstract representation. 1 layer. Stamp shapes in ink - flat all same size, play with perspective, do flat all same size or vary size to create depth.

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Sunset at Sea, with a Lighthouse and Ship


I like the simple representation of the water in this drawing. The soft lines show the movement of the waves and some perspective through the size of the ripples.

I could use this idea for back drawing or neocolour mono print. Pale washes, maintaining white areas, first then add lines in the second layer.

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