Monday, 17 April 2017

Chine Colle Research - Brenda Hartill

I have been reading the book Collagraphs and Mixed media Printmaking which contains examples of many artist's using chine colle. In particular the author, Brenda Hartill, gives detailed instructions and examples.

She gives a range of suggestions for using papers, such as creating a frame by pasting a whole block of different colored paper over the base paper, or enhancing features of the image. She describes using this to vary and edition and give particular detail on using metal leaf. She uses large areas of metal leaf, not just the small highlights I imagined this technique would be suitable for, and they appear to adhere without the support of other layers of paper:

A similar image is demonstrated printing in the book and the large area of copper is the only chine colle element. In my experiments I have found it very hard to get foil to adhere without other papers supporting it as suggested in the Printmaking 1 guide. 

The large metal leaf elements make new elements in the image rather than enhance a composition in a more subsidiary way which is a more adventurous approach to chine colle than some other examples I have seen.

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